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By Stuart Turner, Feb 4 2015 03:46PM

Healthy Behaviours - What you might not know about Lifting Weights

If you're interested in having Better Posture, More Energy, Better Recovery from an Injury, Pain Free Movement, Less Stress, Reduced Fatigue or Greater Concentration ... lifting weights really will help!

If you spend hours in the gym doing cardio work you will no doubt lose some weight, but will those South facing elements start heading north? Probably not ... You need to lift weights! Lifting weights can and will change your body shape. By lifting weights you can build muscle in specific places, so if you want tighter abs and a firmer bum then lifting weights is the best option. And don't worry, you won't end up looking like the worlds strongest man and you'll still burn calories - if you train right you can burn a lot more with weights.

Being stronger helps prevent injury - experts estimate that as many as 80% of people will have back pain at some point in their lives. I'm willing to bet that a large proportion of these could be reduced if they were stronger in the right areas. The same could be said for knees, hips, shoulders etc. Obviously this is a very simplistic view and the human body is more complicated than that. But if you're weak you have more chance of getting injured. So it's better to be strong.

Lifting weights will help with fat loss - the intensity of a full body circuit training session can be considerably more than a steady cardio session on a treadmill or cross trainer. You'll also have a higher post workout calorie burn as well so it's win, win. Although the effect of this is often exaggerated, muscle will increase your metabolism and therefore you will burn more calories at rest.

And what's more - lifting weights will guard against osteoporosis. The simple act of lifting will encourage your bones to get stronger, and you'll have better balance from exercising so won't fall over anyway

What you may want to know ...

How much weight should I lift and how often?

Try and lift 2-3 times per week to start with, and you should aim to lift as heavy as you can with good technique. If you are unsure about your technique please ask me in the gym, even if you don't train with me normally I am always willing to advise.

Isn't it dangerous?

Not with the correct exercise selection and technique. You can ask me or one of the gym instructors to show you the correct technique - it's amazing how easy it is once you know how.

Won't it make me too bulky?

Nope, cakes make you bulky. Lifting weights helps you get lean and strong. You will just need to be working on the right areas, let me know what you want to achieve and I can point you in the right direction.

Will it make me ache?

Probably! If you do it right then yes it may ache a little after a few days, but this will quickly pass as your body adapts and strengthens. No pain no gain and all that jazz!

Will I see results quickly?

Yes you should be able to see a noticeable change in body shape within a couple of months. You will feel better and stronger a lot sooner than this too.

By Stuart Turner, Jan 27 2015 09:11PM

Sleep deprivation is horrendous, most of us know this, if not then just ask any recent parent. Not only does it make you grumpy and feel crap it's also pretty bad for your health and fitness goals. Here are a few reasons why getting enough sleep is so important, especially if your trying to lose weight.

Insufficient sleep promotes hunger and appetite - when you are tired and sleep deprived your body releases more of the hormone 'ghrelin' which makes you feel hungry and less of the hormone leptin that governs satiety or fullness. Therefore you feel hungrier and therefore you eat more. Not a great start when you're aiming for weight loss. This is often why diets tend to break down as you get tired and run down.

When your tired you make poor food choices - this compounds the problems from my last point. When you're sleep deprived you reach for the easy option, and more often than not this is not the healthy choice but instead you go for the instant sugary snack or whatever is close at hand.

A study at The University of Colorado studied the effects of sleep deprivation, and after only 5 nights of reduced sleep, participants gained an average of 2lbs. A couple of pounds isn't much but if you add that up over a month, or a year, or a lifetime then it can become a different matter! It was also interesting to note that when participants returned to a fully rested state the weight came back off.

To build muscle you need to sleep - The reason is simple, as your body sleeps it recovers and repairs itself and this is the time that the muscles you've broken down in training are repaired and adapt leading to muscle growth. Muscle growth is good, it keeps us strong and healthy.

The sleep deprived do less physical activity - that's another easy point. If you're tired then you generally don't feel like exercise. Even the most highly motivated individuals with the best will in the world will succumb, fatigue effects us all.

So how much sleep is enough? In most adults 7-9 hours a night is ideal. As you get older this will naturally drop to 7-8 hours. But everyone is different and will need a different amount of sleep. You can find out how much sleep you need in a simple way. Next time you are on holiday, don't set an alarm and go to bed at normal time. You'll probably wake up later in the first few days to catch up but after that you will naturally start to wake up at the right time for you.

By Stuart Turner, Jan 21 2015 03:13PM

Dehydration makes you tired and slow - one of the things that happens when you don't get enough water is the blood flow and enzyme function in your body slows down leaving your body tired and fatigued. This slowing down of your metabolism makes losing weight much harder. No one wants to be tired and slow, and often its dehydration that's to blame. So rather than always grabbing a sugar fix or a coffee, water should be your go to pick me up.

Being dehydrated can make you eat more - when your thirsty you don't feel as full and therefore are more likely to eat more food. When in fact a glass of water will quench your thirst as well as make you feel fuller. Water has been a mainstay in every diet ever invented, we don't need to reinvent the wheel here, drink water, it works.

Water has zero calories - I've said this many times before, when you are trying to lose weight, don't drink your calories. A large part of people's calorie intake is often through beverages, this one change can make a massive difference. One glass of wine; 160 kcals, coke 140 kcals, beer 180 kcals.......water 0 kcals.

Hydrated skin looks younger, less wrinkled and more attractive - another no brainer, do you want to look young and healthy? Then drink more water. Being under hydrated for a length of time can leave your skin looking withered and old as it lacks the fluids. Expensive moisturisers are very good at keeping moisture in the skin but no amount of creams and lotions will help if your not drinking enough water in the first place.

Muscle and joint stiffness and strength - without adequate water your muscles are slower to receive oxygen that they need to work optimally, this leaves you tired and weak when exercising. Don't waste your money on sports drinks, for your daily workouts, water is just fine. It also eases muscle stiffness and joint pain, if you have a bad back or are a bit sore from your last workout, make sure your fully hydrated as dehydration makes it worse.

How much is enough? There are many recommendations out there.... 8 glasses, 2 litres, 3 litres, one ounce per pound of bodyweight??? All very confusing, my advice is to aim for 2.5 to 3 litres of total fluids per day.

Drinking more water is a really easy way to feel better, look better, move better, get better and generally be better. Your body is made up of about 60% water and you need to replenish these stocks to let your body function optimally. Below are 5 really cool facts about water and your health.