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Too Busy for Fitness! Really?

By Stuart Turner, Aug 4 2017 11:59AM

Sprinting for Fat loss - Quick not Easy
Sprinting for Fat loss - Quick not Easy

"I'm to busy to train, I just dont have the time'

I hear this a lot, often from members of my own family and friends, and I get it. We’re all busy people with busy lives and lots going on. We want to be healthier, fitter, leaner, but it can feel overwhelming and even with the best intentions life sometimes just gets in the way.

I have two young kids, a business to run, and two dogs to look after so sometimes training time has to go on the back burner. Luckily enough I’m in the fitness industry so I can normally catch up but for those of you that aren’t working in a gym then here’s a few tips to fit fitness into your life.

1. Short workouts – you’ll be surprised how much quality training you can get done in 30 minutes if you really put your mind to it. HIIT training is great if your goal is fat loss and fitness or perhaps some form of circuit training. If you're trying to build muscle, its amazing how much quality work you can get in in a 30 miunte period, you dont have to do 10 different chest exercises, you just need to get good volume into the session. The key is to remove the distractions like phones and social media and have a plan. Get in, get done and get out.

2. Do something fun – Fitness doesn’t have to be hard and miserable. If it is then maybe you just need to change your approach slightly. I tried for years to persuade my mum to get in the gym and get fitter, but she hated it and it was always a chore. Now she swims 3 x a week and does an aquafit class. She’s lost 2 stone and doesn’t hate fitness because she’s doing something she enjoys. Try a sport of somekind if you can fit it in, or just train somewhere that has a good atmosphere.

3. Make an appointment – Grab your diary on a Sunday night and block out some time to exercise. Plan for failure too, if you want to train 3 x a week then block out 4 slots. It’s a great idea to involve your family in this too so they know that when you are working out and how important that time is for you. Having a personal trainer can help too to give you some accountability and structure, even for just a short while they will help you build good habits and focus.

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