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5 Reasons Why Water is Awesome

By Stuart Turner, Jan 21 2015 03:13PM

Dehydration makes you tired and slow - one of the things that happens when you don't get enough water is the blood flow and enzyme function in your body slows down leaving your body tired and fatigued. This slowing down of your metabolism makes losing weight much harder. No one wants to be tired and slow, and often its dehydration that's to blame. So rather than always grabbing a sugar fix or a coffee, water should be your go to pick me up.

Being dehydrated can make you eat more - when your thirsty you don't feel as full and therefore are more likely to eat more food. When in fact a glass of water will quench your thirst as well as make you feel fuller. Water has been a mainstay in every diet ever invented, we don't need to reinvent the wheel here, drink water, it works.

Water has zero calories - I've said this many times before, when you are trying to lose weight, don't drink your calories. A large part of people's calorie intake is often through beverages, this one change can make a massive difference. One glass of wine; 160 kcals, coke 140 kcals, beer 180 kcals.......water 0 kcals.

Hydrated skin looks younger, less wrinkled and more attractive - another no brainer, do you want to look young and healthy? Then drink more water. Being under hydrated for a length of time can leave your skin looking withered and old as it lacks the fluids. Expensive moisturisers are very good at keeping moisture in the skin but no amount of creams and lotions will help if your not drinking enough water in the first place.

Muscle and joint stiffness and strength - without adequate water your muscles are slower to receive oxygen that they need to work optimally, this leaves you tired and weak when exercising. Don't waste your money on sports drinks, for your daily workouts, water is just fine. It also eases muscle stiffness and joint pain, if you have a bad back or are a bit sore from your last workout, make sure your fully hydrated as dehydration makes it worse.

How much is enough? There are many recommendations out there.... 8 glasses, 2 litres, 3 litres, one ounce per pound of bodyweight??? All very confusing, my advice is to aim for 2.5 to 3 litres of total fluids per day.

Drinking more water is a really easy way to feel better, look better, move better, get better and generally be better. Your body is made up of about 60% water and you need to replenish these stocks to let your body function optimally. Below are 5 really cool facts about water and your health.

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